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Coordination & Collaboration
to promote inter-professional care - We advocate for our patients!

Priority on communication with patients and families as the VIPs of the care team.


Coordination with multiple disciplines and providers to provide coordination of care – a rehabilitation center “without walls” – to support appropriate accommodations for the safest and most rapid return to full participation after injury. 


State of the art electronic medical record portal gives patients immediate and permanent access to their records seamlessly.


Public and private educational talks about concussion recognition, management and rehabilitation.


Consultative services for concussion management programs in schools, sports clubs, camps and businesses.


Professional webinars and meetings for promotion of improved understanding of these areas of practice within the physical therapy community through organizations such as the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey and the American Physical Therapy Association.


Lunch and learn opportunities for physicians and medical practices.

Baseline Testing

ImPACT testing and results reviewed by neuropsychologist with ImPACT credentialed expertise

Testing always includes balance & oculomotor measurements

Available privately or in group settings in schools and sports clubs

Rehabilitation Services

Comprehensive vestibular evaluation – positional testing, balance measurements, oculomotor
screening, specialized vestibular tests done with state of the art video frenzel goggles for accuracy.

Comprehensive concussion evaluation – Vestibular-Oculomotor Screening (VOMS), Exertion Testing via
Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test, Static and Dynamic standardized balance tests and cervical spine

Vestibular and Concussion Rehabilitation in a quiet setting, always one on one, with the full attention of a Doctor of Physical Therapy double certified in adult and pediatric vestibular rehab by the American Physical Therapy Association with additional certification in concussion treatment.


Individualized home programs that reduce visit frequency and get results.

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