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Dr. Danit Macklin PT, DPT

A provider who pursues excellent patient care in our community.

Founder, New Jersey Concussion Awareness Day

Founder and Chair, Vestibular Special Interest Group, APTANJ


Patient Education Committee, Vestibular Disorders Association/VeDA


Member, Vestibular Special Interest Group, APTA

Member, Concussion Committee, Brain Injury Alliance of NJ

In the Press:

"I was very happy with our first visit.  Danit Macklin was very helpful with everything.  I saw a difference in our first visit...very concerned about my daughter's soon as our visit was over I couldn't stop talking about how happy I was.  I would definitely recommend this facility."

Danit Macklin PT, DPT has a doctorate degree in physical therapy as well as advanced certification in vestibular and concussion testing and treatment.


Balance & Concussion Therapy Center is the outcome of Dr. Macklin's commitment to providing excellent, evidence based evaluation and treatment services to people with vertigo (including BPPV), dizziness, imbalance and people who have sustained concussions. 


Dr. Macklin has made it her mission to address these conditions in a uniquely dedicated setting.  The clinic is quiet and every patient is given one on one attention.  Coordination of care with other medical providers is a standard part of practice so that patients have the benefit of a team approach. 

Balance & Concussion Therapy Center offers educational programs for schools and sports clubs as well as the general public.  Dr. Macklin works with local middle and high schools to develop concussion management programs to promote improved coordination of care for students that sustain injuries and need the support of school and medical professionals.

Dr. Macklin has been affiliated with Hackensack University Medical Center for over fifteen years in the pediatric physical therapy department and the Neuroscience Institute.  Dr. Macklin works closely with pediatric neurology in managing pediatric patients with dizziness and patients who have had concussions.


Dr. Macklin founded New Jersey's Concussion Awareness Day in 2016 with Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle.  This annual event on the third Friday of every September provides an opportunity to build awareness of the amazing advances in concussion management so more patients get good advice from the start and get better faster.


Dr. Macklin has participated as a member of the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey Concussion Commmittee since 2017.  Dr. Macklin presented at the Professional Development Day in 2020.   

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