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5+ years of dizziness and unsteadiness - vestibular rehab to the rescue!

"Betty" is 60 years old and has been dealing with symptoms for years. She has tried multiple interventions over the years and has had only limited and short lasting relief. She tells me that she will give me 6 months. I tell her - no way. You give me a few sessions - Vestibular Rehab is backed by science (evidence based) and it works and it won't take months.

The first couple of sessions are tough. There are tears. I reassure her that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better - 'your head isn't used to moving anymore!' But then the healing starts and some moments of stillness that have not been felt for years start to happen!

Now Betty is just frustrated that she's not done yet! But she's so happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Recovery is happening!

Vestibular Rehab works! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your doctor! Spread the word and let's spread the healing!

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