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Concussion Awareness Day is September 18th!

Updated: May 24, 2021

When I started this practice, I wanted to shout from the rooftops and plaster walls with posters telling people - if you have a concussion or dizziness or vertigo - you don't have to suffer with your invisible injury, you can get help! Very few people know that the idea for NJ's Concussion Awareness day came out of a conversation with my Dad. On hearing my enthusiasm, he suggested proposing an awareness day as a way to start reaching out to our communities with this important message.

I reached out to my town council and was advised to contact my state assemblywoman, Valerie Huttle. Assemblywoman Huttle was immediately supportive and worked to get the approval for New Jersey Concussion Awareness Day. Now the third Friday of September every year is NJ Concussion Awareness Day! The amazing team at the Brain Injury Alliance of NJ makes an effort every year to mark this day and Balance & Concussion Therapy Center always partners with them. We have a very special project this year - I can't wait to post a link when it is available - stay tuned!

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