• Dr. Macklin

Do I need to see a PT who specializes in vestibular rehab?

Many times your doctor will tell you to see a PT with this specialty training. If that is the case, your doctor is looking for someone who has more than a basic education in vestibular disorders and rehabilitation. Most PTs are well trained in balance training and some can do basic vestibular treatments, but they may not have a deeper understanding of this very delicate system. Just ask anyone who has suffered from a vestibular crisis and you will be told that you want to makes sure that your therapist is very knowledgeable and will work with you to gradually get you feeling better. Too much, too fast can really get you spinning! Check out the website Vestibular.org as a great resource for learning more about these disorders and to locate a knowledgeable provider near you. You don't need to suffer - get the help you need!

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