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Happy New Year Everyone!

Strategies for Patients with Concussions for a Happy New Year:


  • Make a plan ahead of time to prioritize the most important events to attend and when to take time for rest

  • Consider the typical intolerance to visual stimulation and remember to use visual fixation and close eyes or move away when feeling overstimulated.

  • Have a "wing-person" who knows about your concussion and your strategies

  • Take breaks pro-actively. A great way is to set a buzzer on your phone for every 20 minutes or so to check in with yourself and see if you need a break.

  • Breaks can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths while focusing inward and grounding or more impactful by going to a quiet room, even a bathroom, and doing some deep breathing and relaxation or meditation.

  • A lot of apps have 1-3 minute emergency meditations for moments like these. Find them ahead of time!

  • Have an exit strategy if all else fails, just get home and chill out so that you can feel better the next day

  • Remember to stay hydrated and eat well, especially when you get up in the morning. Feed that brain!

  • Also remember to take a daily walk, best if it can be outside, for at least 20 minutes, at a comfortable (aka non-symptom inducing) pace







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