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May is Mental Health Awareness Month - Let's bring awareness to our Vestibular and Concussion Community!

Mental health challenges are easy to miss. People don't often wear signs telling those around them how they are feeling inside. In the concussion and vestibular communities, we are all too conscious of what it is like to have an invisible injury.

No one wants a broken limb, but, casts are a loud statement demanding consideration and assistance. When someone is suffering with dizziness, unsteadiness or symptoms after a concussion, mental health is very much affected. In fact, in the case of concussions, the emotional center of the brain is often affected which causes a physiologic change in emotions.

Regardless of the reason for suffering, we would all do well to follow a general rule of being kind.

I remember hearing a police officer once tell a group of people that everyone he pulls over is under the influence. How can that be?! The group he spoke to was aghast! (I don't use that word lightly lol). Then he explained - people who are speeding are under the influence of a family issue, like a fight with a spouse or a sick relative. He talked about all the reasons that people might be distracted from watching the speedometer.

Let's all remember that. Everyone we meet is under the influence, all the time. So, try to be kind. Something invisible is going on and your kindness can make all the difference in someone's day.

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