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What's making 2023 a very Happy New Year?

Balance & Concussion Therapy Center is growing and that means more people with dizziness and people who need vestibular therapy and concussion rehabilitation can get real help. The specialized concussion and vestibular rehab care at BCTC is incomparable - one on one individualized care by therapists who are incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate. If you are anywhere near Bergen County, NJ, you can find vestibular and concussion specialists right nearby - and we're very easy to access from NY, CT and PA.

Introducing Dr. Tara Porfido PT, DPT, PhD! (left to right: Dr. Porfido, Dr. Macklin, smiling patient - Megan :)

Dr. Macklin likes to call Dr. Porfido a gift from heaven and when her patients work with her, they agree! Dr. Porfido has specialized skills in cervical spine (neck) treatment that is critical for our patients and she is able to tailor her treatment within the patient's tolerance to be effective without being stressful. Together Drs. Macklin and Porfido are making a huge difference in their patients lives at this unique clinic.

And - more great news - Balance & Concussion Therapy Center is now enrolled in Medicare! That means even more access to specialized vestibular rehabilitation for our senior community members. We can't wait to see y'all and help you get on the track to feeling better!

So help us get the word out so we can help you, your family and friends, feel better now!

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