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Vestibular Rehabilitation & Concussion Therapy Specialists
Conveniently located outside New York City in Bergen County, New Jersey.
Looking for concussion and dizziness care? 

We also offer coaching for colleagues who are interested in specializing their skills!

We know how disorienting and scary it is to feel dizzy. 
We also know how hard it is to find someone who understands.

Get your questions answered now - Click here to schedule a 
virtual consultation with Dr. Macklin:

**Available in New York and New Jersey only. **

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"Dr. Macklin was absolutely wonderful!  She explained everything to me.  She had my daughter doing all kinds of exercises that got her moving, and her condition improved very much."

Rehabilitation Services

-Comprehensive vestibular evaluation – positional testing, balance measurements, oculomotor screening, specialized vestibular tests done with state of the art video frenzel goggles for accuracy.

-Comprehensive concussion evaluation – Vestibular-Oculomotor Screening (VOMS), Exertion Testing via Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test, Static and Dynamic standardized balance tests and cervical spine screening.

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-Vestibular and Concussion Rehabilitation in a quiet setting, always one on one, with the full attention of a Doctor of Physical Therapy double certified in adult and pediatric vestibular rehab by the American Physical Therapy Association with additional certification in concussion treatment.

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100% Personalized, One on one,
patient-centered treatment
  • No surprise costs

  • Customer satisfaction counts

  • Thoughtful & focused treatment

  • No judgment

  • Maximum patient empowerment

  • High-quality care

  • Never rushed

  • Care infused with compassion

  • Evidence based practice

  • *We do accept Medicare!

Telehealth Available!

Vestibular Evaluation and Vestibular Treatment,

Concussion Evaluation and Treatment modified to be effective online.



Meet Dr. Macklin

Danit Macklin PT, DPT

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Dr. Macklin is passionate about finding the cause of symptoms and treating them effectively.

Balance & Concussion Therapy Center is the outcome of Dr. Macklin's commitment to providing excellent, evidence-based evaluation and treatment services to people with vertigo (including BPPV), dizziness, imbalance, and people who have sustained concussions. Treatments are individualized and effective.

Dr. Macklin has made it her mission to address these conditions in a uniquely dedicated setting.  She works with organizations to improve the availability and effectiveness of treatment for vestibular disorders and concussions. 

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"Right from the start, Dr. Macklin made me and my daughter feel very comfortable.  While the exercises were challenging, Dr. Macklin was amazing at moving her through the routine and sharing her professional opinion throughout.  Dr. Macklin also pinpointed the exact exercises that were needed to help my daughter improve.  The evaluation and exercises were so on target..."

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