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Effective treatment 


I found  Dr. Macklin online and she was FANTASTIC! We discussed my sudden, unexplained vertigo symptoms over the phone. Out of the four medical offices that I called, Dr. Macklin was the only one who assured me that if my issue could be resolved during my initial appointment, she would take care of it.  My treatment took one visit and my issue was gone.  She followed up afterwards to see how I was doing. The medical field needs more entrepreneurial spirits like Dr. Macklin.  Thank you for infusing sincerity and personalization into your work.


 Thank you,

Mario T.

July 2022

"Just as important as your work was your encouragement -- it kept both Andrew and I going and motivated to maintain our exercise routine at home.  You really have a gift for this kind of work and we're so grateful that you were able to share that gift with us."

“I have been sick with headaches and motion sensitivity for over two years and Danit truly helped me turn it around. She has provided the most personal care, communicating with each of my doctors and physical therapists to ensure I was getting the full team working for and with me. I can’t recommend her enough and importantly she will also tell you if she’s not the right person for you as well.”

"Dr. Macklin was absolutely wonderful!  She explained everything to me.  She had my daughter doing all kinds of exercises that got her moving and her condition improved very much."

"I wouldn't change a thing.  The physical therapy sessions really helped my child."

"Danit taught me so much about the 'why' behind the PT so it all made sense and we knew the importance and how it would help our daughter in the long run."

"Right from the start, Dr. Macklin made me and my daughter feel very comfortable.  While the exercises were challenging, Dr. Macklin was amazing at moving her through the routine and sharing her professional opinion throughout.  Dr. Macklin also pinpointed the exact exercises that were needed to help my daughter improve.  The evaluation and exercises were so on target..."

"Thank you for an amazing job.  We will be forever grateful."

"Danit was very reassuring to me and my daughter."

"Your words were always so encouraging."

"I really appreciate the help you gave me.  I enjoy working with you very much."

"Thank you so much for all of your guidance, support and assistance.  It is amazing the progress he has made with your help - he has come a long way!"

"Danit was great at communicating with us.  She was encouraging and direct and extremely responsive to our questions, taking the time to speak with us by phone between sessions and tailor her work with Evan to address issues we were noticing at home.  As good as she was at teaching Evan various exercises, she was equally good at teaching us."

"...what a difference Danit Macklin made in my son's life, as well as mine.  When I first met Danit, I really had no idea what we were in for.  At first sessions were pretty tough...but Danit always assured me that the sessions were going great...Danit was always there with advice, helping me to understand the doctor's reports, and with whatever we needed.  She was always there for us...I think what really touched me about her is that she really showed care and concern for Alex...I will always be grateful to Danit for all she's done for my son...I know it was her job to do what she did, but, she really gave 110%."

"professional, helpful and warm."

"Danit Macklin was excellent!  She was extremely caring and knowledgeable.  She made my daughter feel comfortable and safe.  She communicated very well and understood what I was saying and feeling.  She did not rush and was thorough...above and beyond in her technique and thoughts."

"I was very happy with our first visit.  Danit Macklin was very helpful with everything.  I saw a difference in our first visit...very concerned about my daughter's well soon as our visit was over I couldn't stop talking about how happy I was.  I would definitely recommend this facility."

"Danit Macklin is an excellent physical therapist...very caring and knowledgeable and professional.  She shared her knowlege with me each step of my son's therapy which made the home program go very smoothly.  Danit was very accomodating with my schedule.  Most importantly my son felt comfortable with her."

"Danit Macklin couldn't have been better.  She was thorough in the exam and warm and welcoming to me."

"Fabulous, extremely helpful and professional."

"Caring and dedicated therapist"

"Caring and responsive to patient needs"

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