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Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr Day - BCTC honors everyone's need for support and compassion.

Balance & Concussion Therapy Center provides support to vestibular and concussion patients from all walks of life, of all ages and with all individual needs. We volunteer with the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey and the New Jersey APTA. Dr. Macklin saw the need for more vestibular expertise within the physical therapy community and worked for 2 years to establish the APTANJ Vestibular Special Interest Group in 2020. She has been working with Dr. Jennifer Stoskus PT, DPT, NCS as co-chair and the Group has been providing webinars year round for physical therapists to hone in their skills to provide excellent treatment to dizzy patients and patients with symptoms after concussions. Dr. Macklin worked with Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle to establish NJ Concussion Awareness Day in 2017. We work with the Vestibular Disorders Association to facilitate interactions between patients and providers who share our passion.

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