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Give Yourself A Brain Spa Day!

Here are a few ways to decrease the workload of the brain to relieve it and allow more energetic and focused too!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Here is a list of a few ideas for unweighting the work of your brain:

  • Widen your stance when standing and lean your back on a wall while socializing.

    • EFFECT ON THE BRAIN = less work to balance

  • In crowds, move to the corner or the edge of the room when talking.

    • EFFECT ON THE BRAIN = less work for the brain to filter out other conversations

  • Take breaks (bathrooms are great for this) from the crowd and check in with yourself.

    • EFFECT ON THE BRAIN = good communication between you and your brain allows you to give it a break when it needs it before it needs to "complain" with symptoms.

  • Plan ahead - think about the environment that you will be in and the people that you will be interacting with and plan how to manage difficult conversations or situations.

    • EFFECT ON THE BRAIN = so much easier to deal with life when the actual capacity of the brain's activity is considered.

Most importantly - remember that doing things that make you happy release happy hormones in our brains and that is self medicating in a great way 😁 so enjoy the holiday and ...


Dr. Macklin

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