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Understanding how a brain recovers after an injury

Here is the most critical information to understand when dealing with a concussion:

  • Brains are the driving force behind every single thing that happens in our lives.

  • The brain takes in every bit of information from every one of our sensory sources.

  • Our brains interpret all of that information that is coming in on a constant basis, constantly.

  • On top of that, the brain is responsible for every single function of the human body, including all volitional thoughts and unconscious activities.

So, how do you promote recovery?

Start by thinking about the five senses, add in conscious and unconscious thoughts and then reduce the sensory load.

Because guess what? Now, in addition to all that work, the brain has to heal, which slows everything down. Makes sense why fatigue is so persistent, doesn't it?

So the best way to promote recovery is to be kind and patient to an injured brain.

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